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Find Recycling iPhone icon Find a nearby recycling point and help save the planet!

We all know that recycling is important and that we should be looking to recycle and re-use as many of the earth's precious natural resources as possible, but sometimes finding WHERE you can recycle a particular item can be quite an effort. The Find Recycling app allows you to locate various recycling points around your current location and will then guide you there with a map.
You can also search for recycling points elsewhere via a simple place name or postcode search to help friends or relatives properly dispose of their old waste from glass bottles to batteries to TV's.

We need your help! Built-in coverage varies by country and city. Some areas have near complete coverage while other areas are less well covered - if at all in some cases. However, this app is now free so if your local recycling point is not yet listed then please add it! With your permission we'll also pass your submitted recyling point on to OpenStreetMap in order to share the data.

Current coverage:

Austria ★★★★
Belgium ★★
Denmark ★★
Finland ★★★
France ★★
Germany ★★★★★
Ireland ★★
Luxembourg ★★★
The Netherlands ★★
Norway ★★
Sweden ★★
Switzerland ★★★
UK ★★

There are recycling points all over the world in this app already but we know that we have not mapped them all yet and so we'd like your help. If we don't have your local recycling center then please just add it and help other users in your area to do their bit for the planet too. To add a new location, simply stand in front of it with your iPhone and tick the types of recycling offered. If you know it, you can add the name of the center and the opening hours in too, but it's not required. We'll then check your submission and feed the update back into our database to help all future users.

Find Recycling uses the built in GPS on the iPhone to get your current location, but can also locate an iPod Touch in built-up WiFi areas. If your location cannot be determined automatically then you can always enter your town or post code to get started. Please note that an Internet connection is required to get location and map data. All edits are also submitted to the OpenStreetMap project.

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