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05/04/2012 - Updates Temporarily Delayed

Due to work currently being undertaken on OpenStreetMap, updates are temporarily being delayed from display within all of our apps.

This work is outside of our control but we will be resuming a normal update service as soon as the OpenStreetMap team advise completion of their work.

All accepted updates from our apps are being saved, and these changes WILL show in the apps as soon as OpenStreetMap complete their changes. We have not been provided with a timeframe for these changes yet, however we will keep users updated via this news page and with posts on our Twitter feed.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

19/03/2012 - Announcing Find Banks and ATMs

We are happy to announce that our latest free app, 'Find Banks and ATMs' is now available to download from the newly renamed Google Play store (formerly the Android Market).

Use Find Banks and ATMs to, well, find banks and ATMs (cash machines) around your current location or to look for a place to get cash at your destination.

Android users can grab a copy from Google Play now. More information about the application is also available from our web site at: http://www.elbatrop.com/atms

Don't fear iPhone users, we're working on an iPhone version for you too! We were just so excited about our Android version that we decided to share it with the Android community now rather than being mean and making everyone wait ;-)

20/09/2011 - Find Postboxes Lite for iPhone

It's been a busy summer for the Elbatrop developers, but with some big projects out of the way we are pleased to announce some exciting app updates which should be rolling out over the next couple of weeks!

If you are an Android user you'll have noticed that we made all of our Android apps FREE a few months back! Instead of charging small amounts for them, we decided to try giving them away and inserting a small ad at the bottom of the main screen instead. This has proved to be a hugely popular move with some 30,000 Android apps downloaded as a result. A similar test with Find Recycling on iPhone encouraged us to create free Lite versions of more of our iPhone apps. Joining Find Recycling Lite, this week also saw the release of Find Postboxes Lite which is now availabe for free in the iTunes App Store. And if you don't like ads then an updated ad-free version of Find Postboxes is also available.

Be sure to check back for further Lite app releases over the next few weeks, and remember, 5* reviews encourage us to keep adding new features to our apps! :-)

17/03/2011 - Find Recycling Lite

We know that not everyone likes ads, but we do know that everyone likes FREE! We've therefore split our iPhone Find Recycling app into 2 versions: The full Find Recycling app is ad free but costs 59p; If that's too much for you, then why not try our freshly released Find Recycling Lite app which won't cost you a penny (or even a cent)! The Lite version simply displays a fairly unobtrusive ad at the bottom of the screen but is otherwise exactly the same app and includes ALL the same great features. So what are you waiting for? Download iPhone Find Recycling full or lite now.

15/02/2011 - More Android Updates

Our developers have been hard at work getting our apps ported over to Google's excellent range of Android handsets. So if you've opted for and Android over an iPhone you'll be pleased to know that almost all of our apps are now available for both platforms. For more details on our Android offerings please take a look at the Apps section of our site or search for 'Elbatrop' in the Android Market.

01/01/2011 - Happy New Year + FREE Apps

Happy new year from all at Elbatrop. To get things off to a good start, our worldwide Find Recycling app is now FREE on iPhone and Android! Grab yourself a copy and then drop all those empty Champagne bottles off at the bottle bank once you've finished partying.

13/03/2010 - Find Pubs is Finding More iPhones

Here at Elbatrop we write apps that we want to use ourselves, like a pub finder. Finding pubs in unfamiliar locations is clearly something that a lot of other people want to do too as we've seen Find Pubs move up to position #6 in the navigation section of the UK iTunes store today AND have finally broken into the top 300 apps across all categories (which is as far as Apple allow us to see) in the UK store! What a nice way to round out the week - Cheers!

12/03/2010 - Great Reviews for Find Pubs

5/5 - "Lots of pubs in my area as well as great coverage outside of London (have tried Sheffield so far). New submissions are really easy to do and they showed up very quickly which was great. Definitely recommend this app!" - Muscle Mum

5/5 - "Does what it says on the box, got us in on time for the match!!!" - pickle_supreme

5/5 - "Shows good number of pubs nearby will get better with more uploads. Worth having" - Psukda

Find Pubs has received almost universally good reviews since its release and we'd like to thank all of the users who have left us these positive comments. As developers it's always encouraging to know that people are both using and enjoying an application that so much hard work has gone in to.

Alas not all the reviews have 5 stars, so we'd like to take a moment to address some of the criticisms too:

4/5 - "Tried them all, none of therm work! But this one stands out, great app at last, but the only thing is you canot enter pubs and send I've tried to enter loads of boozers as I go to loads you enter all the info and send & nothing happens!! Get this sorted & 5 stars then!"
Jonny, you need to click the 'I Accept' link in the confirmation e-mails! If you don't do that then our lawyers won't let us touch the pub details you've entered. Go click those accept links and then come back for our missing star ;-)

4/5 - "2 pints please - Will get better, the more it's updated..quite a few showing up near where I live but obviously not all of them..worth downloading.. ; )"
'Won a tenner' (great username!), we're seeing LOTS of pubs added all over the world each day from OSM mappers and app users like you. If your local is not in there yet then add it in and introduce some new faces to it. It'll even count as your good deed for the day!

Thank you to all our users, reviewers and submitters. Don't forget that you can always reach us via e-mail (info@elbatrop.com) and twitter (@elbatropapps) where all comments and suggestions are welcome.

10/03/2010 - Find Pubs Success and Update

Find Pubs has proven to be a bit of a sleeper hit with UK iPhone users over the past few weeks. After working its way up through the rankings in the iTunes store, Find Pubs is now at #9 in UK Navigation!
We've had some great reviews and your feedback has helped us make a few small changes resulting in an update to v1.3. This update is available now and is free to all existing Find Pubs users.
New users can get this great app for just USD $0.99 (59p) from the iTunes Store now.

19/02/2010 - UK Postboxes Goes Global With Find Postboxes

UK Postboxes has been renamed to Find Postboxes after we added worldwide postbox and post office locations to the app. All the previous Royal Mail boxes are still in there (in fact, there are now more than ever before!) but you can now also use this app throughought the rest of the world which makes it even better value and a great travel tool.

Previous UK Postboxes users can upgrade to the new version 2.0 of Find Postboxes for free.
New users can get this great app for just USD $0.99 (59p) from the iTunes Store now.

16/02/2010 - Updates to More Apps

After finding a couple of errors in the German language interfaces to 'Find Pubs' and 'Find Pharmacies' we decided to push out a small update of those apps. These updates also fix a couple of minor interface issues as well as helping you get in touch with us via Twitter. Updates to both apps are available for free (to existing users) from the iTunes store now.

12/02/2010 - Important Find Toilets Update

We've just pushed out a small but important update to 'World Toilets'. This fixes a bug which could, under certain conditions, cause the app to crash. We recommend that all users upgrade to version 1.1 as soon as possible. This update, as with all of our other app updates, is free.

Additional information about the 'Find Toilets' application and update are available in the iTunes Store or on our web site at: http://www.elbatrop.com/toilets

27/01/2010 - Announcing Find GPs

We are very pleased to announce our latest release - 'Find GPs'. This app is now available to buy in the Apple iTunes App Store [iTunes link] for just 59p ($0.99).

Following on from the success of 'UK Pharmacy' and 'UK Dentists', 'Find GPs' allows you to locate your nearest GPs surgery anywhere in England and with pin-point accuracy.

If you are not registered with a GP yet, or if you're moving and need to find a new GP, then don't put it off any longer. Get 'Find GPs' and make your day just that little bit easier.

More information about the application is available in the iTunes Store or on our web site at: http://www.elbatrop.com/gps

21/01/2010 - Elbatrop in the Guardian - UPDATED

UK Dentists and UK Pharmacy were featured in today's Guardian newspaper. We had no idea that this was going to happen so spotting it was a pleasant surprise!

It's not the same as in the paper but our apps were also featured on the Guardian website under "The top 10 government data visualisations and applications".

UPDATED - We now have a scan of the original article including the featured UK Dentists iPhone app (click image for larger version): Guardian article thumbnail

19/01/2010 - We're on Twitter!

You can now follow us on Twitter @elbatropapps and keep up with the latest app news and gossip. Feel free to tweet us with suggestions, questions or just to tell us what you're up to - we'd love to hear from you!

01/01/2010 - 'appy New Year!

'appy New Year from all at Elbatrop. We hope you have a great 2010 and we look forward to showing off the exciting new apps we've been working on later in the year. Party on!

29/11/2009 - UK Postboxes Moves to #9 in UK App Store

Since the release of version 1.2 just a few days ago, UK Postboxes has been flying off of the virtual shelves of the iTunes App Store and is now up to #9 in UK Navigation! A big thank you to everyone who has upgraded or bought a copy and we hope you find the app as useful as we do :-)

25/11/2009 - UK Postboxes 1.2 Released

Version 1.2 of UK Postboxes is now available for download as a free upgrade. This version adds over 7,000 additional postboxes as well as some small interface improvements and bug fixes.

07/11/2009 - SF Trees Discussed in the SF Examiner

SF Trees has just been featured in the online edition of the SF Examiner (a daily newspaper in the city). You can read the piece by Mike Aldax on their website.

06/11/2009 - UKPostboxes Reaches New Heights

UKPostboxes has just moved up to #16 in the 'Navigation' section of the UK app store. Welcome to our new users, and a big thank you to our many existing users who have been busy submitting new postboxes and improving the UK's map coverage for everyone else.

05/11/2009 - SF Trees Featured on SFGov DataSF App Showcase

"The DataSF App Showcase celebrates the innovators and innovations who are championing the Mayor's vision of a more collaborative and open government." Elbatrop is excited to be a part of that vision and proud to have SF Trees included as part of their innovations showcase.

05/11/2009 - San Francisco Loves SF Trees!

It's only been out for a couple of days and yet SF Trees is already at #27 in the 'Reference' section of the US App Store. San Francisco clearly loves hugging trees! :-)

03/11/2009 - Announcing SF Trees

Our latest app, 'SF Trees' is now available for purchase on the Apple iTunes App Store [iTunes link] for just $0.99.

Walk up to any tree in the leafy city of San Francisco and find out exactly what type of tree you're looking at! SF Trees will tell you both the Latin and the common name for that tree as well as all the other trees in your vicinity.

More information about the application is available in the iTunes Store or on our web site at: http://www.elbatrop.com/sftrees

Go on, give it a hug - you've already been introduced!

02/11/2009 - UK Pharmacy in Top 50

It seems that we are not the only ones who have spent an evening looking for a pharmacy recently! 'UK Pharmacy' was at #46 in the Medical section of the UK app store this morning!
We're really pleased that our little app has already been able to help people (and just 3 days after it was released too).

29/10/2009 - Announcing UK Pharmacy

Our third app, 'UK Pharmacy' is now also available for purchase on the Apple iTunes App Store [iTunes link] for just 59p ($0.99).

Don't get caught out and about needing plasters or nappies, buy it now and be prepared for that next minor emergency without having to hunt around for a chemists. There are almost 10,000 pharmacies throughout England so you are bound to be near to one! UK Pharmacy is built with data provided by the UK's Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) which covers 99.37% of all the pharmacies in England - that's 9,755 of them including independent locals as well as the major chains such as Boots, Lloyds & Superdrug.

More information about the application is available in the iTunes Store or on our web site at: http://www.elbatrop.com/pharmacies

22/10/2009 - Announcing UK Dentists

UK Dentists is now available for purchase on the Apple iTunes App Store [iTunes link] where you can buy it for an introductory price of just 59p ($0.99).

Buy it now and find your nearest NHS Dentist anywhere in England. The National Health Service has over 7,500 dental surgeries across England but finding one can be a difficult and time consuming task - but not with this app on your iPhone! Built with data provided by the UK's Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), this app covers 99.4% of all registered NHS dental surgeries in England.

More information about the application is available in the iTunes Store or on our web site at: http://www.elbatrop.com/ukdentists

17/10/2009 - Version 1.1 Now Available!

UKPostboxes Version 1.1 is now available for download from the iTunes App Store. This update is free to existing users and adds the ability to add, edit & delete boxes that we are missing. We're adding boxes as fast as we can but with your help we can now do this even quicker and always be sure that we're up to date with removed boxes and closed down post offices.

Royal Mail might be going on strike next week but we're not! Download the update today and discover why we are consistently in the top 20 Navigation apps in the UK.

12/10/2009 - UKPostboxes Moving Up!

Spurred on by the continuing success of UKPostboxes (now #22 in Navigation!) everyone at Elbatrop is busy putting the finishing touches on some exciting new UK and Worldwide apps. We'll be keeping the titles under wraps until launch in a few weeks time so watch this space.

In the meantime, if you have been holding off on buying UKPostboxes, what are you waiting for??? Buy it now and see why people love our "great idea". Don't forget, you'll get the update for FREE as soon as that's released too!

07/10/2009 - UKPostboxes Makes the Top 25!

We've just seen that UKPostboxes is the 25th most purchased app in the 'navigation' category of the UK iTunes store! What a nice way to start the day :-)

06/10/2009 - Over 3000 Postboxes Added!

Whilst waiting for Apple to accept our 1.1 updates we've been busy adding more postbox information to our servers and are pleased to report that we have added more than 3000 new postboxes to our database in the past week. These new boxes are available immediately from within the current version and will display automatically in your regular search results.

04/10/2009 - Version 1.1 Ready

Version 1.1 of UKPostboxes is now complete and has been submitted to Apple for review! We're super excited about some of the features in the new version as it will allow you to:

We've also fixed a small bug relating to GPS updates on the iPhone version which was causing some users to get repeated pop-ups about their current location.

This will be released as a FREE update via the App Store as soon as Apple have tested it. Watch this space for more news!

02/10/2009 - Announcing UKPostboxes

UKPostboxes is available for purchase on the Apple iTunes App Store [iTunes link] where you can now buy it for an introductory price of just 59p ($0.99).

Buy it now and find your nearest Royal Mail postbox or post office anywhere in the UK! We currently feature over 20,000 Royal Mail postboxes and post offices (along with last collection times where available) and are busy adding more to our database at a frantic pace.